Decidir que NO hacer es tan importante como decidir que hacer.

 (Fuente: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson )

Deciding What NOT To Do Is Just As Important As What To Do.

Steve Jobs interviewed Apple product teams to discuss their products and justify their continued existence. 

The company was producing multiple products

Jobs’ solution was to initiate massive layoffs at Apple just as he had done at Pixar and NeXT, but Jobs figures that the good workers were happy to know there was a new direction.

Jobs killed the Newton program because he didn’t like stylus-based devices, nor did he like John Scully who was responsible for the Newton. In 1997, Jobs decided that there were four quadrants, and four products. Apple was sharply focused. iMac, iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac. Keep it simple.

This was not working because Apple’s products were deficient in those fields. All told, Jobs fired 3000 people, and saved money for Apple by refocusing on core competencies, and research & development. Apple was less than 90 days from being insolvent so it was imperative that Apple be slimmed down and re-focused.