“Paraguay the most positive country in the world, published in the World Economic Forum site” In my opinion, there are 3 fundamental reasons for this new report
1) In Paraguay we still have families = Belonging, Loved by who you are not for what much you earn or have.
2) In Paraguay we will belive in some kind of God = Being hopefull even during hard times.
3) Paraguayan mothers still love being mothers and giving love for free. Childred and teenagers raised in this kind of environment tend to be happier.
Not including religious issues, happines of the human being is mainly determined for their perception of being loved simply for you their are.
This experience of being accepted and forvigen when making mistakes in turn lead to their own ability to also love and forgive which is the essence of all this issue
A virtuous circle.
Ph: Jose Palacios @gallarover – Encarnacion